The most important reason for choosing aquamation is its environmental friendliness, which is not only about being responsible for the next generation but also for the environment. In our opinion, traditional funerals are the most damaging to the ashes. Usually, the cremated ashes will be yellow or even burnt black. However, because of the water solution, the ashes can be kept intact after cremation.

The entire process of aquamation is divided into three steps: firstly, together with the owner, we place the pet’s body in the coffin, and then place the coffin into a stainless-steel cradle. In the next step, we will pour the pre-calculated amount of the warm water solution into the hydrator and start the proper temperature adjustment. Finally, as in cremation, the alkaline hydrolyzed remains are left intact and restored to their natural form. The only solid residue is the mineral ash of the bones.

Due to advances in the equipment and technology, our hydration time is reduced to only 12 hours.

We offer a variety of pet souvenirs and pet ash souvenirs for our customers to choose from.

We charge from $900 to $4,800 depending on the size of the pet. We have our own temperature-controlled refrigeration system, aquamation facilities and ceremony hall. The cost of a Premium Individual Aquamation for pets is about $1,300 to $5,400, which varies by 10% depending on the size of the pet. Other services such as memorials and placements are generally available for an additional fee.

We offer 24-hour overnight pick-up and drop-off. In addition, the celebrant will also provide information to the owner.

It is very sad to see the death of our pets, but at the same time, we need to provide a comfortable environment for them.If it is very hot in the summer, it is better to put the body in a ventilated place first, so that the body can be preserved properly.

From a feng shui perspective, it is not advisable to place your pet’s ashes in your home. We recommend owners to choose a spiritual place for their pets and place the ashes properly. You can also consider scattering the ashes to allow your pet to return to nature.

Absolutely! We highly recommend that owners choose an ornament or souvenir of their choice, as every pet’s memory is precious. We want to preserve and symbolize every memory of a sincere and everlasting relationship by using eternal flowers that never fade.

Yes, we have Eternal Flower Memorial Classes every week. You are welcome to enquire and register.