Our Pricing


Prices range from $1700 to $5,800, depending on the size of the pet. The constant temperature of the snow room, the condition of the site, and the transparent price of a good death are all the criteria of a prefer company. In addition to the service fee, owners can also choose a pet funeral place and pet ashes souvenirs for their pets. Souvenirs are custom-made from the ashes, hair or footprints of the pet.


We have a constant temperature refrigeration system for pets, independent aquamation facilities and an auditorium for ceremonies.
Premium pets charge about $1,300-$5,400 for individual aquamation, after which they can retrieve their ashes. Less expensive is collective aquamation.
Other services such as making souvenirs and emplacement can be found here.
After parting with the remains, there are the following ways to dispose of the ashes:

1. Pet Rental: Prices start at around $2,700
2. Arrange sea dusting
3. Individual pet ashes burial/burial: approximately $1,400
4. Collective burial: Prices start at around $900