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Pet Hospice Service Logistics


Aquamation Hospice is a brand-new way of treating pet remains. It decomposes the pet’s remains through an alkaline solution, which does not release greenhouse gases, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, etc., resulting in no air pollution, which is more environmentally friendly.

Aquamation is more environmentally friendly than cremation!

Aquamation is a more natural and environmentally friendly way of disposing of remains, reducing environmental pollution, and making the living environment of the next generation better.

Aquamation preserves the pet’s ashes more completely than cremation!

Generally, pet ashes after cremation will turn yellow or even charred. However, aquamation can keep the pet ashes relatively more complete and does not cause damage to the ash’s surface.

24-Hour Aquamation Pet Hospice Service
After providing the pet species and weight, we will provide pet hospice service charges for reference. Customer Hotline 2154 2238
Refrigeration of the Pet’s Remains
After receiving the beloved pet, it will be refrigerated at minus 4°C and properly stored.
Disinfection and Grooming
Your beloved pet will then be disinfected and groomed, and hospice beauty services will also be provided.
Pet Hospice Service Plans
We provide pet owners with pet hospice service in both unique or simple styles, which pet owners can make their own choice for their pets.
Pet Memorial Ceremony
Pet owners can choose from a Buddhist, Catholic, or Christian funeral.
Ash Settlement
Apart from choosing to bring pet ashes home, pet owners can choose to place their pet ashes in our memorial halls. We also provide three ways for owners to place pet ashes and let them return to nature, including a pet ash garden, pet ash scatter and a sea ash service.
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