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The death of a pet is often heartbreaking, but the bond between the owner and the pet does not stop when the pet passes away. Therefore, we hope to leave the most eternal and beautiful memories for each relationship. Pets are always our support; they are always waiting for us to get home and they really care about us. In this world, it is not only your family’s love that is selfless and does not ask for anything in return, and indeed, often the love of pets for us is far deeper than the love between people. We use the everlasting eternal flower as a symbol of sincere and eternal feelings, so that those feelings are retained forever.


Eternal Flower Sayings – Eternal Love

About Hospital
About Hospital
About Hospital
Write a card in your own handwriting to express your thoughts for your beloved pet.
"Time will always slip away, but thoughts can spread; the space will always change, but the ties remain the same; blessings will not be shallow, and greetings always remain, may you be happy in heaven forever!"
Love is something multi-faceted, it can be love, friendship, affection or teacher-student relationship. For pet lovers, the love of a pet is also eternal.
  • Stargazer Flower wordings

    We will always miss you, protect you and hope we have a pure heart together.

  • Lovers’ Grass Flower wordings

    Our relationship is perfect, it always will be, it is unchangeable.

  • Wheatgrass Flower wordings

    We are grateful for how our lives came together, and for your constant silent and selfless dedication.

  • Rabbit Tail Flower wordings

    I didn't have to pretend to be strong in front of you, thank you for being my support when I was lost.

  • Forget-me-not flower

    Eternal love, forever memories.

  • Sunflower wordings

    You always make me feel good, you always make me feel warm and blooming with joy, thank you for bringing me security and warmth.